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Eva Longoria Braless Barack Obama Re-Election

I’m not sure if some of you heard but Eva Longoria has been named one of Obama’s co-chairs for his re-election campaign. Eva announced that she spent some time “brainstorming” with Barack Obama and then a few hours later she was seen walking around in a see-through black shirt and no bra.

Mot politicians prefer to attack popular political issues like unemployment rates, social security benefits and taxes during their re-election campaigns but Obama has decided to throw out the usual strategies and is focusing on something that is sure to get the attention of every man in America

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I’m not so sure this strategy will be very well received because Eva isn’t exactly the most desirable female but if Obama can convince someone like Kate Upton to take her clothes off while standing outside the White House he’ll probably win by a landslide.


We’re all getting sick and tired of hearing about this whole ‘Pippa Middleton‘ topless photo scandal so I am going to seal it all up with a killer gallery that captures the entire little adventure.

As the Royal Wedding was drawing near, a lot of websites published photos of Kate Middleton wearing a sexy white bikini and these photos are actually from the same day that Pippa Middleton was photographed showing off the side of her left breast.

Obviously the Royal Family knew that someone might have these photos because they were circulating all over the internet. Despite the fact that they knew media agencies had them… They still tried to act all shocked when the photos eventually surfaced.

Not only has the Royal Family tried to act shocked but they have claimed that someone may have been invading their privacy to obtain the photos… Even claiming that some of their friends may have taken the photos and then sold them to media agencies to make some quick cash.

Based on the terrible exposure of these photos and the fact that the majority of the photos are clearly taken from a very long distance away… I am going to naturally conclude that these photos were taken by a photographer using a long-range lens… Or the ‘friends’ are apparently Jesus Christ and went out and started walking on water to shoot these photos from a long enough distance away that it would still look like a photographer had been spying on them.

Here are the complete set of photos from the Middleton bikini outing and I truly hope that this is the last time I ever have to mention the name Pippa Middleton again.

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Reuters took some fire last year when they published a photo of Miley Cyrus and her partially exposed underage genitals (View Photos) while she was wearing lingerie during her performance at the 2010 MuchMusic Video Awards and now they are taking fire again because they purchased some graphic photos from a Pakistani security official that show three dead men in a pool of blood after Navy Seals left the compound that Osama Bin Laden was allegedly killed at.

I’m going to use some good judgement here and I am not actually going to publish the photos of the three dead men that are shown laying in a pool of their own blood but I am putting up these photos of the helicopter crash because it makes me question the statement that was made regarding the fact that there were no U.S. causalities suffered during the raid. I’m not saying someone died… I’m just saying… Someone normally suffers an injury when a helicopter crashes.





Someone has decided to milk Miley Cyrus for everything that she is worth by releasing a new ‘sex doll’ called, Finally Mylie.

According to The Sun, Miley Cyrus might be filing a lawsuit against the company that created the new sex doll and according to that same article… The new sex doll ‘sold out’ in less than 48 hours.

We’ve been having a little trouble figuring out why people might actually want this sex doll and then we realized that having sex with a Miley doll would probably be wise because the doll won’t give off any of those really annoying noises that the real Miley would… Her voice ruins damn near everything… Including erections.



With all this talk of a ‘hacker ring’ going on we can safely say that no hackers stole these photos of Ashley Greene. These photos were leaked right before the second Twilight movie (New Moon) hit movie theaters because Ashley Greene took them and sent them to her boyfriend (yes, that is called sexting). Ashley’s boyfriend or one of her friends then leaked these sexy nude photos of Ashley Karen Greene onto the internet.

View the uncensored photos that Ashley Greene sent to her boyfriend…

Miley Cyrus Sexting Photos

Lots of people out there probably think they will get to see more photos from Miley’s stolen iPhone but we honestly doubt you’re going to see anything good.

The night that Miley lost her iPhone she was still only 17-years-old and that means that literally every single photo stored in the iPhone is from when Miley was technically illegal.

If it were us, we’d still publish the sexting photos (if they exist) anyway because ‘teen sexting’ is actually a big problem at the moment and a prosecutor would probably prosecute Miley if there were obscene amounts of nude photos on her iPhone. Since no one will dare publish the photos… We’ll all never know just how potentially ‘nasty’ Miley really was in her younger teenage years.

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Miley Cyrus iPhone Leak 00 Miley Cyrus iPhone Leak 01 Miley Cyrus iPhone Leak 02 Miley Cyrus iPhone Leak 03

Miley Cyrus iPhone Leak 04 Miley Cyrus iPhone Leak 05 Miley Cyrus iPhone Leak 06 Miley Cyrus iPhone Leak 07

For all you Katy Perry fans out there here are some photos of her live concert for the 2010 GRAMMY Nominations that took place last night as well as a few photos of what almost turned into a full on ‘boob’ slip…

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Katy Perry Grammy Nominations 00 Katy Perry Grammy Nominations 01 Katy Perry Grammy Nominations 02 Katy Perry Grammy Nominations 03

Katy Perry Grammy Nominations 04 Katy Perry Grammy Nominations 05 Katy Perry Grammy Nominations 06 Katy Perry Grammy Nominations 07

Katy Perry Grammy Nominations 08 Katy Perry Grammy Nominations 09 Katy Perry Grammy Nominations 10 Katy Perry Grammy Nominations 11

Katy Perry Grammy Nominations 12 Katy Perry Grammy Nominations 13 Katy Perry Grammy Nominations 14

Katy Perry Grammy Nominations 15 Katy Perry Grammy Nominations 16 Katy Perry Grammy Nominations 17