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Maria Menounos Dancing With The Stars

It’s kinda hard to believe that people actually watch this trash but since I know there are a lot of people that do watch it I wanted to take a moment to let everyone know that TMZ is reporting that Maria Menounos has been added into the cast of the upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars.

Dancing With The Stars got a little added bonus last year when Karina Smirnoff posed nude for Playboy Magazine (view the photos) and now they might get another bonus by bringing on Maria Menounos because she had one of the most insanely awesome celebrity bikini malfunctions in Miami last year…

Maria was playing around with a football in the beautiful waters of Miami when the force from the waves caused her bikini bottoms to part to the side and a lucky photographer managed to snap several photos of her yummy looking clean shaven lady parts (view the photos).

If we get lucky we’ll get to see Maria Menounos deliver some televised upskirt lip slip action like she did with her bikini malfunction in Miami and thenĀ Dancing With The Stars will finally become entertaining…


A lot of websites posted photos of Miley Cyrus wearing lingerie during her performances at the 2010 MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto, Canada. What people may not know is that the original photos were actually extremely high quality and most websites published lower quality versions.

The photos we have are actually 43.6 MB in size and we’ve tossed them into a new gallery but reduced them only slightly so they are 29.8 MB in size. While the photos were reduced slightly, we cropped some of the photos to maintain the high quality the photos originally had in the areas of the photos we know people want to be looking at.

If you thought the lower quality versions were sexy you really should take a minute to look through this higher quality gallery. A lot of you think Miley almost flashed her vagina only once but the truth is that she had some massive cameltoe and minor lip slip action going on in a lot of the photos. It also looks like she may have had a missed nipple slip in one of the photos where she was wearing black lingerie. ENJOY!

Images ENLARGE when clicked on…



I never even actually knew who Maria Menounos was until she had one of the hottest wardrobe malfunctions any woman could ever possibly have.

Maria Menounos was having some fun playing with a football in the water while wearing a black bikini when her ‘bottom’ piece decided to do everyone a favor are part to one side.

Normally when a woman has a bikini malfunction it means her top has fallen off but this marks one of the few times that we’ve seen a malfunction involving the lower part.

I think it is safe to say she realized what had happened pretty quickly because the photographer didn’t get off to many shots. The shots that the photographer got included some nice Maria Menounos labia action though.

In all honesty, these will probably be among the most popular for the entire year. The only thing we can think of that would top these bikini candids are some genuine nude photos of Miley Cyrus. Not that Miley is sexier but she is more popular and that means any nude photos of her would bring in so much traffic it would probably crash even the largest of websites.

The nip slip that Miley had at the 2010 MTV European Music Awards pulled in several thousand hits per day and the photo hardly even shows anything…


Miley Cyrus Nip Slip Gallery

Miley Cyrus will finally be 18 in a week and we’ve compiled a gallery of her sexiest(?) skin to help show just how distasteful this 17-year-old really is.

As we stated yesterday, Miley Cyrus has been the center of some pretty serious controversial matters. While people originally thought Miley’s Myspace photos were a little to much they had no idea that Miley was going to go on a rampage throughout 2010… Showing her nipples and even nearly showing her vagina on several different occasions.

The majority of these photos are from events and incidents that happened just within the last 6 months or less and god only knows what the heck is going to happen when this horny little singer finally turns 18 on November 23, 2010.

Note: These 17 photos DO NOT account for the numerous times Miley Cyrus has appeared in upskirt photos or the numerous times that Miley has suffered side-boob or down the shirt photos.

Click images to view the enlarged versions…

Miley Cyrus Nip Slips 00 Miley Cyrus Nip Slips 01 Miley Cyrus Nip Slips 02 Miley Cyrus Nip Slips 03

Miley Cyrus Nip Slips 04 Miley Cyrus Nip Slips 05 Miley Cyrus Nip Slips 06 Miley Cyrus Nip Slips 07

Miley Cyrus Nip Slips 08 Miley Cyrus Nip Slips 09 Miley Cyrus Nip Slips 10 Miley Cyrus Nip Slips 11

Miley Cyrus Nip Slips 12 Miley Cyrus Nip Slips 13 Miley Cyrus Nip Slips 14

Miley Cyrus Nip Slips 15 Miley Cyrus Nip Slips 16