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Models In Sheer Clothing

We’ve all seen a lot of female celebrities walking around in sheer (see-through) clothing but many of them wear underwear and they really shouldn’t… To help showcase how sheer clothing is supposed to be worn I’ve tossed together a gallery of nearly 110 photos (click the image above to view the gallery) of models walking down the runway wearing sheer outfits.

Some of the outfits allow us to see boobs and some of them match the skin tone so well that you only notice the boobage when you look really closely. Some of the outfits are actually matching the color of the nipples and that makes you notice the cleavage rather easily but you end up having to look really close before you see the nipples. Some of the models are wearing panties under some of these outfits but the panties match the fabric or skin tone so well that you don’t even notice they are there!

This collection clearly shows us how the designers intended these outfits to be worn and when you think back to the female celebrities that have worn them… THEY WORE THEM WRONG!

Courtney Stodden Nip Slip LA

Earlier today I posted some photos of the 17-year-old Courtney Stodden wearing a bikini in LA and I mentioned that it appeared that the photos showed the underage beauties areola in several of the photos and that it appeared like you could see her entire nipple in a few of the side-view pics.

More photos are starting to surface and it is now clear that in the 60+ photos of Courtney Stodden wearing her bikini she is showing off her areola and nipple in over 35 of them. I’m normally happy about seeing photos that contain nudity but I’m a little shocked that websites didn’t notice that her areola and nipple are visible in the majority of these photos.

Technically speaking there is nothing illegal about the photos because they do not contain anything that might qualify as child pornography but it is still shocking that so many websites would publish the photos without offering any warnings to the fact they contain nudity.

Courtney Stodden made headlines when she decided to marry a 51-year-old man and if anyone realizes that these photos contain nudity I am sure news agencies will be talking about her decision making skills by criticizing the fact she would willingly show off her body the way that she is and I am sure someone might question the actions of the photographers that took the photos.

This isn’t the first time we have seen “underage” nudity though… The 17-year-old Miley Cyrus suffered a nipple slip at the 2010 MTV EMA, wore a see-through white shirt and no bra a few months before her 18th birthday and Taylor Momsen was photographed wearing a see-through black shirt in New York when she was 16-years old and Taylor spent the better part of her 17th season flashing her covered underage boobs while performing musical concerts in America and Europe.

Minors showing off their breasts by wearing see-through clothing has become a very common trend but these new Courtney Stodden bikini pics are by far the biggest in terms of controversy because they contain excessive nudity when compared to some of the other celebrity incidents.


Sarah Shahi Lingerie Uncensored

Here is ex-Dallas Cowboys cheerleader turn actress Sarah Shahi, best known from her unforgettable portrayal of bi-sexual bad ass ‘Carmen de la Pica Morales’ on Showtimes hit show “The L Word“, spicing things up on a hot Nino Munoz lingerie photoshoot.

Most companies censor photos before releasing them even if they don’t even contain any actual nudity. Thankfully these photos didn’t get censored like Victoria’s Secret photos normally are, which allows us the opportunity to post these images the way they should be… Uncensored (despite the fact there is virtually no nipple showing most companies would still censor out the ‘dark spots’ like GQ did to Olivia Wilde not that long ago).

Images enlarge when clicked on…

Sarah Shahi Lingerie Sarah Shahi Lingerie Sarah Shahi Lingerie Sarah Shahi Lingerie

Sarah Shahi Lingerie Sarah Shahi Lingerie Sarah Shahi Lingerie Sarah Shahi Lingerie

Sarah Shahi Lingerie Sarah Shahi Lingerie Sarah Shahi Lingerie Sarah Shahi Lingerie

Sarah Shahi Lingerie Sarah Shahi Lingerie Sarah Shahi Lingerie Sarah Shahi Lingerie

Sarah Shahi Lingerie Sarah Shahi Lingerie Sarah Shahi Lingerie Sarah Shahi Lingerie


Lots of us have been looking at these photos of Katy Perry as she was wearing a see-through dress at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards and wondering if that is her nipple in the photo.

Katy Perry has always gotten lucky in that she has never suffered any serious wardrobe malfunctions but it does appear that we can see her nipple in the photo…

View additional photos of Katy Perry and her alleged nipple slip at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards

What do you think… Nipple or No Nipple?

Miley Cyrus Braless Pokies

17-year-old Miley Cyrus decided to head out and walk around Toluca Lake wearing a see-through white shirt and no bra, which led to photographers and other people passing by clicking away on their cameras and cellular phones.

Not really sure if this was a publicity stunt or a random act of teenage stupidity but it certainly led to some of the most revealing photos of Miley Cyrus that any of us have seen yet…

Images enlarge when clicked on…

Miley Cyrus see-through 00 Miley Cyrus see-through 01 Miley Cyrus see-through 02 Miley Cyrus see-through 03

Miley Cyrus see-through 04 Miley Cyrus see-through 05 Miley Cyrus see-through 06 Miley Cyrus see-through 07

Miley Cyrus see-through 08 Miley Cyrus see-through 09 Miley Cyrus see-through 10 Miley Cyrus see-through 11

Miley Cyrus see-through 12 Miley Cyrus see-through 13 Miley Cyrus see-through 14 Miley Cyrus see-through 15

Miley Cyrus see-through 16 Miley Cyrus see-through 17 Miley Cyrus see-through 18 Miley Cyrus see-through 19

Two Girls In Panties

There isn’t normally a whole lot of celebrity action during the weekends unless there is a special event and those aren’t happening every weekend. To help fill the downtime we’re letting people submit photos that we can post on the weekends…

Before letting people send in photos there are a few very important ground rules that need to be known…

  1. We don’t allow pornography on the site, which means we won’t post photos of sexual acts such as photos of sexual intercourse or photos of self-stimulation.
  2. We won’t post photos of anyone that is under the age of 18, which means you need to submit personal information about the person in the photos to make sure we know the story (that information will be kept private unless you are someone that is intentionally trying to get noticed and give us permission to give details).
  3. Photo submissions need to be a minimum of 5 photos or we can’t technically make a ‘photo gallery’.
  4. Full frontal nudity is allowed but can not be the center of the photos (there needs to be less full-frontal or closeup photos then there are the other photos).
  5. Photos do not require any nudity, which means we’ll happily accept photos of lingerie, bikini pics and so on.

Photos can be submitted to but we can not guarantee that everything that is sent to us will get published.

With that in mind you can take a look at this photo-gallery as a point of reference because it is exactly the type of ‘erotic’ photos we have in mind (the girls get pretty revealing but keep it clean!)

You can view THIS sexy gallery of two girls wearing lingerie as an example…