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Lindsay Lohan Suicide Photos

If you rely on TMZ or Radar Online to keep you up-to-date about Celebrity Gossip I would suggest you find some new websites to visit because these websites are highly corrupt and DO NOT report certain types of headline news…

Lindsay Lohan made headline news yesterday because Terry Richardson, the low-life fashion photographer that recently filmed SI‘s Kate Upton wearing a see-through wet t-shirt for GQ Magazine, posted some disturbing photos of the troubled actress posing with a gun in her mouth and another photo of her with the same gun pointed at her head like she was about to commit suicide. These photos were posted on hundreds of different websites and received so much criticism that Terry took them off his Tumblr page very quickly but the most disturbing part of this is that TMZ and Radar Online, two semi-respected celebrity news websites, failed to mention anything about the controversial pics.

As I said in the begining, if you are someone that frequently visits TMZ or Radar Online you should consider finding a few new websites to get your celebrity gossip from. This Lindsay Lohan Suicide Photoshoot was one of the biggest celebrity news stories of the month and these companies showed bad judgement by deciding not to report anything about it.

Side Note: I’m going to go out on a limb and declare that TMZ didn’t post anything about this incident because they recently published and promoted a video of Kate Upton doing her photoshoot for Terry Richardson in GQ Magazine. TMZ clearly supports the work that Terry has been doing with Kate and they didn’t want anyone realizing that they’ve recently been promoting his work… I’m the only website owner that has made this connection so far but it’s only a matter of time before some of these other websites smarten up and realize that TMZ has been promoting Terry’s work…

Kelly Brook Fancy London Cleavage

Rihanna obviously likes ROUGH SEX… [TMZ]

Zac Efron isn’t mature enough to have sex… [Lainey Gossip]

Kate Walsh got naked… [ICYDK]

Please don’t tell me someone actually got paid for taking this photo… [Pop Sugar]

Jennifer Aniston actually got a reward for all her boring movies… [The Superficial]

Another story about Rihanna enjoying rough sex… [Radar Online]

You know a party is boring when men start staring at titless women… [You Tube]

How else is Miley Cyrus supposed to pay for her boyfriends special penis cakes..? [IDLYITW]

This is why Snooki lost weight… [TMZ]

Kelly Brook London Cleavage Kelly Brook London Cleavage Kelly Brook London Cleavage Kelly Brook London Cleavage Kelly Brook London Cleavage Kelly Brook London Cleavage Kelly Brook London Cleavage Kelly Brook London Cleavage

I have to start by saying that I don’t know how the hell it is that this whole “Botox Mom” drama is ending up on Entertainment News sites like Radar Online and TMZ. It’s one of those blatantly absurd stories that everyone seems to be talking about and based on the comments I am reading… People have no friggen idea what it is they are talking about.

I would never agree that a parent should be allowed to do this stuff to a child but the reality of the matter is that parents do stuff like this to their children everyday and people just don’t think about it.

Circumcision is technically a “cosmetic” surgery and millions of parents have their children circumcised after they are born even though it isn’t medically necessary. The only risks associated with circumcision are ones that don’t appear till later in life and since those problems can’t/won’t appear till later in life, circumcision can’t be classified as being something that is necessary to do following the birth of a child and is certainly something that could be left up to the child once they reach their more mature teenage years.

Although there is absolutely no immediate danger and there is limited future danger to a child that hasn’t been circumcised, a lot of parents force their children to get circumcised and some doctor’s circumcise children without even bothering to ask the parents if they want to have it done.

Given the fact that I know this happens, I can’t sit here and claim that it isn’t okay for this woman to inject her daughter with Botox considering parents do similar stuff to their children on a daily basis (circumcision being only one example).

In America, we believe in equality and I don’t feel it is right to claim that it is wrong to do something like this to a female when men endure things that are far worse and much more painful on a daily basis.

If we are going to claim that it is wrong for parents to subject their children to “cosmetic” alterations then I feel it should be universal and right now it is not universal. Men get “altered” on a daily basis and yet the only time anyone seems to care is when it happens to a woman.

This is obviously just my opinion but it certainly has some thought and consideration behind it. By no means am I saying that this woman did something right… I am simply saying that it either should or shouldn’t be allowed. If a parent isn’t allowed to cosmetically alter their children with Botox… They legally shouldn’t be allowed to do it in any other way either.

Given the fact that we do actually allow some parents to “cosmetically” alter their children… I can’t say that this woman has actually done anything wrong because what she has done is similar to what a lot of other parents have done… The other parents just did it in a different way.

Obviously it wouldn’t be fair to take this woman’s child away when we don’t take children away from other parents that cosmetically alter their children.


Celebrities have a love/hate relationship with Twitter… (THR).

I published that photo of Eva Longeria topless a few days ago… Were the f#*k have you boys been? (PVW-Egotastic!).

The Sexy Sax Man almost made Ron Artest vomit… (TMZ).

Nick Jonas is a cheap asshole… (RadarOnline).

Pippa Middleton left her boyfriend at home to go partying with an ex-boyfriend in Paris to help take away some of the heat that she has gotten from those topless bikini photos… Umm… (People).

Someone shot someone that I have never heard of before (THR).

WINNING! – Charlie Sheen’s ex-hooker, Bree Olson just bitch-slapped Charlie by claiming that she is looking forward to Ashton Kutcher being on Two and a Half Men (TMZ).

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon allegedly exposed their kids to illegal drugs immediately after they escaped Mariah’s vaginal prison… I’m not sure which one of those is worse… The drugs or the fact that they had to travel through her vagina… (RadarOnline).

Miley Cyrus allowed someone to photograph her getting inked while she was topless… Surprised? (PVW-Egotastic!).

FYI – When you see the “PVW” tag in front of a website name it means that the website is a Page View Whore. Those particular websites are built to make users/readers click and click and click and click and click link after link after link after link after link after link so that they can attract higher page-view records and therefore get paid high amounts of money from advertisers.

These websites are the most annoying f*#king websites on the internet and that is why I don’t normally post links to them. Although they are annoying, the tactic works and people still visit them, which keeps them in business and helps them get some exclusives… Hence I occasionally have to link to their content even though I don’t like to.

Images ENLARGE when clicked on…


Miley Cyrus Marie Claire 2011

Miley Cyrus continues to confuse me as she is sending mixed signals in the March 2011 edition of Marie Claire.

Miley told Marie Claire that she feels bad about having smoked Salvia because it sets a bad example for her younger fans…

Mind you, the photo posted above is also being published in the same issue and I’m pretty sure that Miley’s younger fans shouldn’t be flashing their underage breasts in the manner that Miley is almost doing.

I’m rather certain that Miley Cyrus shouldn’t even be allowed to talk to children at all after willingly showing her 17-year-old nipple at the 2010 MTV EMA, which most news agencies won’t discuss and still pretend that it never happened.

Then, earlier this week, news broke that the former Hannah Montana star was having a sexual relationship with ANOTHER male co-star (Miley has now had sex with both of her male co-stars between the two movies she has done)…

If I am to understand what Miley is saying through actions and words over these last few months…

It IS okay to have sex with anyone that has a beating heart…

It IS okay to walk around public places wearing revealing lingerie

It IS okay to give adult men lap dances when your only 16-years-old

It IS okay for underage girls to take their bra off and show everyone their breast(s)…

It IS okay to walk around in public wearing see-through clothing

It IS okay to take your bikini top off while in public places…

It is NOT okay to smoke Salvia

Yeah, I am pretty sure that this isn’t the type of role model parents want their children to have! Someone please slap this annoying b*tch and be done with it.

When you visit the site you’ll realized some things have changed after getting some feedback. Apparently things were a little to blurred for some people and I got some requests to separate some content… Which is exactly what I am working on.

You’ll now notice that there are multiple blogs running that help separate content for individual models, celebrities, photo types and even movies, movie trailers and movie reviews. While I am adding in some new blogs to help seperate things I am not actually creating blogs for everyone… Just the more popular ones like Megan Fox, Miranda Kerr, Kelly Brook, Rosie Jones, Adrianne Curry, Miley Cyrus and I’ll be adding in plenty more over the next week or so.

The main page (this one) will be used for posting the odd stuff that I can’t put in a different blog as well as contain daily updates to new ‘articles’ and ‘photos’ posted here as well as links to interesting entertainment news or celebrity gossip that people may enjoy on other sites.


Cops Mistook Lohan’s Cocain For A Breath Mint (TMZ)

Carrie Prejean And Kyle Boller Getting Married This Weekend (Zap2It)

Mel Gibson Plans To Honor Child-Support (RadarOnline)

Larry King Leaving CNN Show After 25 Years (TMZ)


Kelly Brook wears a grandma bikini (Messy Keyboard)

Adrianne Curry thinks she has ‘sexy’ eyes (Messy keyboard)

Coco has a ‘slight’ nipple slip sporting a skimpy red bikini in Miami (Messy Keyboard)

Joakim Noah is (was?) the starting center for the Chicago Bulls. As all basketball fans know, the Chicago Bulls recently got eliminated from the NBA Playoffs by the Boston Celtics.

You might think that the Bulls players are down in the dumps after losing a historical first-round NBA Playoffs matchup…

If that is what you think… You think wrong. Joakim Noah found himself an ultra-sexy woman and he’s out having fun on the beach… Trying to forget all about his crappy basketball talents.





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Note to SELF

I wrote an article yesterday about why I thought the Carrie Prejean photos might be fakes. TMZ put ultra-tiny stars on Carrie Prejeans photos to cover her nipples while they placed much LARGER stars on this woman’s nipples.

Small Star = Fake Nudity or Ultra-tiny nipples

Large Star = Real nudity and super large nipples