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With all this talk of a ‘hacker ring’ going on we can safely say that no hackers stole these photos of Ashley Greene. These photos were leaked right before the second Twilight movie (New Moon) hit movie theaters because Ashley Greene took them and sent them to her boyfriend (yes, that is called sexting). Ashley’s boyfriend or one of her friends then leaked these sexy nude photos of Ashley Karen Greene onto the internet.

View the uncensored photos that Ashley Greene sent to her boyfriend…


We originally only published twelve photos from the recent Indonesian Tarra Nadhira Hindersah Facebook scandal because the majority of the photos are just photos of Tarra Nadhira Hindersah flashing her really hairy bush and vagina at the camera.

Someone decided to post a comment last night stating that if we had a heart we would remove the photos from our website. Well… We’re heartless and here are 28 additional photos of Tarra Nadhira Hindersah to prove it!

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Sarah Shahi Lingerie Uncensored

Here is ex-Dallas Cowboys cheerleader turn actress Sarah Shahi, best known from her unforgettable portrayal of bi-sexual bad ass ‘Carmen de la Pica Morales’ on Showtimes hit show “The L Word“, spicing things up on a hot Nino Munoz lingerie photoshoot.

Most companies censor photos before releasing them even if they don’t even contain any actual nudity. Thankfully these photos didn’t get censored like Victoria’s Secret photos normally are, which allows us the opportunity to post these images the way they should be… Uncensored (despite the fact there is virtually no nipple showing most companies would still censor out the ‘dark spots’ like GQ did to Olivia Wilde not that long ago).

Images enlarge when clicked on…

Sarah Shahi Lingerie Sarah Shahi Lingerie Sarah Shahi Lingerie Sarah Shahi Lingerie

Sarah Shahi Lingerie Sarah Shahi Lingerie Sarah Shahi Lingerie Sarah Shahi Lingerie

Sarah Shahi Lingerie Sarah Shahi Lingerie Sarah Shahi Lingerie Sarah Shahi Lingerie

Sarah Shahi Lingerie Sarah Shahi Lingerie Sarah Shahi Lingerie Sarah Shahi Lingerie

Sarah Shahi Lingerie Sarah Shahi Lingerie Sarah Shahi Lingerie Sarah Shahi Lingerie

Arianny Celeste Playboy Video UFC Panties

I am shocked, totally shocked… Thanks to our handy little stat trackers we can clearly see that Miley Cyrus really is the super sexy celebrity right now…

Miley Cyrus has really caused a frenzy with all her lingerie pictures and her recent braless walk through Toluca Lake wearing a see-through white shirt to such an extreme that Miley’s photos are obtaining thousands of pageviews while Arianny Celeste’s new Playboy Magazine photos are well… Fizzling out pretty quickly!

Miley Cyrus Braless Toluca Lake Pics Gallery

Miley’s Stats

23,000+ Pageviews

Arianny’s Stats

12,500+ Pageviews

Now when we stop to think about it there are several hundred pretty hot photos of Miley Cyrus surfacing lately while there are only 32 photos for Arianny Celeste Playboy Magazine, which could account for why Arianny is getting her butt kicked but… Arianny Celeste just doesn’t have the same level of material that teenage babe Miley Cyrus does.

Is that it? Is Miley winning the pageview war because she has more photos or is Miley Cyrus winning because we’re all secretly disgusting perverts craving young flesh? (For the record, our opinion is that Arianny Celeste is 100 times hotter).


We’ll be keeping a close eye on these stats because it does concern us a little when braless photos of a 17-year-old celebrity are more popular then completely nude photos of a sexy model like Arianny Celeste.

Joanna Krupa Bon Prix Catalogue NSFW

Joanna Krupa took a lot of sexy photos in the ‘Bon Prix’ Catalogue and some of them were rather yummy topless pictures…

Early yesterday I posted a teaser photo of Kim Kardashian in Playboy Magazine and promised to post the juicy photos later… As promised… Here are the NEW photos that Playboy released to their ‘Cyber Club’ members.

According to friends, Kim has been freaking out because she never thought Playboy would actually post these photos since they didn’t include them in the original spread. As far as I can tell, Kim Kardashian didn’t want people seeing some of these full-frontal close-ups as well as probably didn’t want people seeing the photos of her backside since she tends to hide it from photographers when they are snapping photos of her.

While I can see why Kim is freaking out she shouldn’t because she is amazingly beautiful. Sure I don’t really like her personality… Kim Kardashian is still what I would classify as amazing ‘EYE CANDY’.

View Photos of Kim Kardashian In Playboy Magazine Cyber Club

Corrections officer Jessie Lunderby has lost her job after she posed completely bare in Playboy Magazine. Although Jessie told her bosses about the photoshoot… No one offered an objection and therefore Lunderby continued with her Playboy Magazine spread. Once the photos got published her ‘bosses’ felt Jessie Lunderby was a ‘distraction’ and cut her job with corrections…

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