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So, Jersey Shore’s Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola apparently is the latest celeb to be caught in a leaked nude photo scandal. We haven’t seen any confirmation that these photos are actually legite but the rumor is that they are indeed Sammi Giancola.

View the leaked nude photos of Jersey Shore’s Sammi Giancola


With all this talk of a ‘hacker ring’ going on we can safely say that no hackers stole these photos of Ashley Greene. These photos were leaked right before the second Twilight movie (New Moon) hit movie theaters because Ashley Greene took them and sent them to her boyfriend (yes, that is called sexting). Ashley’s boyfriend or one of her friends then leaked these sexy nude photos of Ashley Karen Greene onto the internet.

View the uncensored photos that Ashley Greene sent to her boyfriend…


We originally only published twelve photos from the recent Indonesian Tarra Nadhira Hindersah Facebook scandal because the majority of the photos are just photos of Tarra Nadhira Hindersah flashing her really hairy bush and vagina at the camera.

Someone decided to post a comment last night stating that if we had a heart we would remove the photos from our website. Well… We’re heartless and here are 28 additional photos of Tarra Nadhira Hindersah to prove it!

View all 40 sexy uncensored photos of Tarra Nadhira Hindersah…


A few days ago we posted some leaked nude photos of Renee Olstead but we didn’t post all of them because there was some speculation as to whether to whether or not some of the photos where real or fake.

Since we posted the photos it has come to light that a group of hackers did target and obtain nude photos of Renee Olstead. After looking at the photos rather closely we have also come to the conclusion that these photos seem rather authentic or they are some of the best fakes we have yet ever seen.

View all 35 leaked nude photos of Renee Olstead…

Renee Olstead Nude Photo

You can now add Renee Olstead to the long list of female celebrities that have suffered a nude photo leak. Click the image above to view the sexy uncensored photos.

Two Girls In Panties

There isn’t normally a whole lot of celebrity action during the weekends unless there is a special event and those aren’t happening every weekend. To help fill the downtime we’re letting people submit photos that we can post on the weekends…

Before letting people send in photos there are a few very important ground rules that need to be known…

  1. We don’t allow pornography on the site, which means we won’t post photos of sexual acts such as photos of sexual intercourse or photos of self-stimulation.
  2. We won’t post photos of anyone that is under the age of 18, which means you need to submit personal information about the person in the photos to make sure we know the story (that information will be kept private unless you are someone that is intentionally trying to get noticed and give us permission to give details).
  3. Photo submissions need to be a minimum of 5 photos or we can’t technically make a ‘photo gallery’.
  4. Full frontal nudity is allowed but can not be the center of the photos (there needs to be less full-frontal or closeup photos then there are the other photos).
  5. Photos do not require any nudity, which means we’ll happily accept photos of lingerie, bikini pics and so on.

Photos can be submitted to but we can not guarantee that everything that is sent to us will get published.

With that in mind you can take a look at this photo-gallery as a point of reference because it is exactly the type of ‘erotic’ photos we have in mind (the girls get pretty revealing but keep it clean!)

You can view THIS sexy gallery of two girls wearing lingerie as an example…

Miley Cyrus Illegal Photos